We are a traditional family company. We started our business in 1968. The company seat was in Ogrodowa, at that time three people were employed.

Following the expansion, the company included 12 people, and primarily dealt in the manufacture of parts and details for Berliet buses.

Due to the great need of metal cases, containers and steel structures, we have expanded our offer and moved our plant. The company continued business in Młyńska and exported 99% of its products to Western Europe.

The company currently employs ca. 120 people across two branch offices; welders, fitters, paint specialists and drivers. We continue to expand.

We are currently in the process of erecting further production halls. We cooperate with many domestic and international suppliers in orders of deliveries of quality-certified steel, materials, paint and varnishes.

The production process is initiated on the basis of orders and technical drawings provided by partners. All products are made according to DIN 30720 and DIN 30722.